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The Main Function Of The Card Dispenser
Jun 25, 2018

The card issuer is a tool for reading and writing the card, but it is different from the reader, card reader or read head. The card issuer can perform operations such as reading, writing, authorization, and formatting.

Its main functions are: (1) Authorize the card and read the card serial number into the host computer software; (2) Use frequency 125Khz/13.56Mhz, ID/IC card; (3) Read card distance is less than 13CM; (4) Keyboard Port interface, keyboard port power supply; (5) card issuing indicator, with buzzer.

The main function is to use the access control system to initialize the card, register, and log off. The ID card issuer only plays the role of reading the card. At this time, the reader can be used instead. Some of the IC card systems need to write the card, this time can not be used to replace the reader, only use the IC card issuer. The RFID card issuer is a UHF band UHF desktop reader/writer device designed to cooperate with users in the background or management center to issue card management.