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The Main Features Of The Electric Card Reader
Jun 25, 2018

1 high-performance embedded, non-contact IC card high-speed read and write modules;

2. Support the combination with the issuing machine series;

3. Has a unique automatic card search function;

4. Storage application data area with functions such as reading and writing;

5. Support ISP online function.

When reading a card with a card reader, the problem that the MMC card has been write protected appears

The first is that the reader is USB2.0. The computer is 1.0.

The second case is that other USB devices have been connected to the same USB interface. Such as mobile hard disk, MP3 and so on.

The third type is that a computer has multiple USB devices connected. This may be caused by this situation.

The fourth is also the situation that most people do not want to happen. It is a problem with the card or the card reader.

This prompt has prompted everyone not to worry, first of all the first solution is to replace the hardware device. (PS: However, the chance of this problem occurring between 2.0 and 1.0 is not very large. That is, it can still be read out). For example, add a 2.0 USB expansion port. This can be bought in the computer city, not expensive.

The solution to the second problem is simpler. For a USB interface plug in it. As long as it wasn't what you had before. Although I do not know what is the difference between the two. But after I had this problem, I did so. And try 100 lark.

The third problem is even simpler. I do not have to say. Since more than one. It is slightly more than a few.

In short. After this prompt ... ... friends may wish to check your machine. Look for the above situation. if so. Can try it. My card has appeared in the computer can not delete things, but the phone can delete. Change the socket to solve it.