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Self-service Terminal Equipment Widely Used In Government Departments In China
Dec 21, 2018

          self-service terminal equipment widely used in government departments in China  

  With the gradual expansion of the application of artificial intelligence, many Chinese government departments have adopted self-service terminal equipment, which is intended to allow data to run more, let the people run less errands, and achieve the goal of “doing no fight” throughout the day.

Now many government centers, including taxation, administration, household registration, entry and exit, power grid and other state agencies have withdrawn from many self-service equipment, including business license printing terminals, stamp duty self-service terminals, China Southern Power Grid self-service terminals, and border inspection self-service. Terminal, public security file management terminal, court self-service printing terminal, etc.

The staff of the relevant government affairs center said that many government self-service terminals have realized effective interactions between online and offline, and can handle various businesses involving people's livelihood payment and official business handling, and completely solved the problem of “divided runs” and “multiple runs” in the past. Running troubles.

Since the use of self-service terminal equipment, not only the citizens can enjoy a comprehensive, convenient, efficient and intelligent service experience, the government department has also realized the perfect combination of the physical service hall and the online lobby intelligent. Specifically in the following four aspects:

1, intelligent queuing, to avoid misunderstanding

When people need to handle manual business, they can get tickets through the government self-service terminal. The system of assigning numbers will allocate the service window reasonably through the business handled, and let the system replace the queue for us, thus avoiding the misunderstanding of “cutting the queue” and “staggering the team” that may have occurred in the past. Moreover, the regular queuing mechanism can improve the efficiency of work.

2, self-service, one success

To conduct business on the government self-service terminal, you can operate it by yourself or the staff can guide the operation. After checking and verifying the ID card, people choose the business they need to handle, and then submit the data step by step according to the system prompts. After successful processing, the system will automatically generate receipts, serial numbers and other relevant information, and some businesses will be successful on the spot. If the successful business is not processed on the spot, the result will be automatically pushed to the mobile phone through SMS or WeChat public number for subsequent uploading.

3, real-time evaluation, multiple interactions

When people use the government self-service terminal equipment to handle business success, the system will appear the evaluation page. People can conduct real-time evaluation according to the service attitude and efficiency of the staff, and the evaluation results are included in the evaluation system. On the one hand, they can supervise the work of the staff, on the other hand, they can also play the role of the peer-to-peer interaction between the government department and the masses.


  With the wide application of government self-service terminal equipment, the coverage area and types of government services are also continuously extended and broadened. In the future, government self-service terminal solutions will continue to improve and develop, helping government departments to achieve intelligent management and improve the efficiency of people's livelihood services.