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Self-service Card Issuing Machine Three Major Elements
Jun 25, 2018


Similar to the bank's ATM, self-service card issuing machines are pre-stored with "base cards" that do not load bank functions and customer information. These “kikas”, like blank passbooks and blank documents used by banks, require complete security management. At the same time, in real-time card issuance services, the bank has important financial data and customer information transmitted between the self-service card issuing machine and the banking system to achieve the security of information storage. The security of the transmission process is also an essential factor for self-service card issuing machines.


The idea of self-service equipment is to minimize manual support at the site. Therefore, the stability of the equipment is one of the necessary features of self-service issuance machines.


The user interface is simple and easy to operate, and the entire process is correspondingly fast, allowing the user to complete the application for a card and receive a card within a short time is an important prerequisite for whether the self-service issuance machine can be widely used.

With reference to the market development history of other self-service equipment, it can be predicted that self-service card issuing machines will have very broad market prospects.

December 18, 2012 Bank of Communications debuts self-service card issuing machine