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Reader Is Also Widely Used In Mobile Data Storage
Jun 25, 2018

Card readers have also been used extensively in mobile data storage. When using a computer in the early years, as long as several floppy disks can be used to copy commonly used software, DOS system only needs to be done on a floppy disk, and those small games can be loaded with several floppy disks. Floppy drive as a standard drive device can basically meet people's working, learning storage needs. Later, with the development of computer technology, especially the introduction of the WINDOWS operating system, the software volume has increased geometrically. The standard 1.44M floppy disk has a poor capacity for these giants. The hunger for large-capacity storage has led to the increasing popularity of “big-volume” memories such as hard disk drives, optical drives, and various compression storage devices. Not only that, people who are accustomed to mobile office are more likely to have “portable” and “large-capacity” data stores. "equipment. Therefore, there are more and more types of external storage devices, such as ZIP, and then an external hard disk. However, they are not small enough to carry with them.

Still some inconvenience. Now popular U disk, such as Netac USB flash drive, Lu Wenyi disk, Patriot Mini King, they integrate the USB controller and flash memory chip, the volume is very small, very convenient for large-capacity data transmission. However, the price of such products is high, and the price you pay for them is not cheap either. If you use a combination of card reader and memory card, you can also provide the same effect of U disk. The main memory card is CF card and SM card. They all use flash memory chips and are widely used in MP3 players, digital cameras, PDAs and other devices. . When a USB card reader is inserted into a memory card, it is equivalent to a mobile electronic hard disk. This lightweight and convenient flash memory card becomes our convenient mobile storage medium, and readers are the most convenient devices for flash memory to exchange data. Their performance is comparable to that of a U disk and their volume is also small. In addition, this combination method has a very strong expansion capability. The price of memory cards keeps falling. If you need to increase capacity in the future, you can buy a memory card directly, and the price will be much cheaper than the overall electronic hard drive with the same capacity. And if you later purchase a digital camera or MP3 player and other devices, the memory card can be used directly to protect your investment.