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Reader Is A Digital Camera
Jun 25, 2018

Card readers are produced in conjunction with digital cameras, but their use is no longer limited to digital cameras but extends to more fields.

The reader, as the name suggests, is a device that reads data, but it can not only support data reads but also support data writing. The initial design idea was mainly to compensate for the defect of digital camera data output. Because the early USB interface is not universal, the output port of the digital camera is connected to the serial port of the computer. Because the data transmission speed of the serial port is very low, if the data is copied to the hard disk, it will take a lot of waiting time. Therefore, a card reader came into being. With the development of digital products such as MP3 and PDA, the development of readers has been strongly promoted. The 256M or 512M flash memory standard of MP3 obviously can not meet our needs, so adding 1G or higher flash memory has become our standard configuration, but if we want to copy MP3 songs to flash memory, only through MP3 playback The device, and this time we need a dedicated connection, driver and software to complete, so that the MP3 player can be portable much less portable, and if we use a card reader at this time, no need for MP3 playback With the intervention of the device, MP3 songs can be stored directly on the flash memory, so that the MP3 becomes more convenient to use.