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Reader Is A Card Reading Device
Jun 25, 2018

Card Reader is a card reading device. Since there are many card types, the card reader has a wide range of meanings.

According to the different types of cards, it can be divided into IC card readers, including contact IC cards, follow the ISO7816 interface standard; non-contact IC card readers, follow the ISO14443 interface standard, long range readers, follow the ETC National standard GB20851 interface standard.

The interface of the memory card is also not uniform. The main types are CF card, SD card, MiniSD card, SM card, and Memory Stick card.

RFID electronic tag readers, called remote readers, such as ETC systems, can read and write car-mounted IC cards within 10m.

Memory cards are widely used in smart phones and cameras. In the broad sense, smart phones and cameras also become card readers. According to the type of memory card, it can be divided into CF card reader, SM card reader, PCMICA card reader and memory stick reader, etc. There are dual-card readers that can use two or more cards simultaneously. The card; divided by port type can be divided into serial port reader, parallel port reader, USB card reader.