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Reader Card Reader Problem
Jun 25, 2018

The memory card is usually in poor contact with the card reader. The computer only recognizes the card reader.

, No connection to the memory card. Look at the memory card is plugged in. After connecting the memory card, the indicator of the card reader will flash a few times. Many readers will have this kind of situation.

The reader has a semiconductor and a USB slot connected to it. However, due to the repeated insertion and removal of the card reader, the contact area is worn. So when you can read the card sometimes! But the odds are very low! Such as multi-function card reader is directly rule out the wear caused by poor contact!

The card reader is good, but the memory card is not read on the computer, but can be read on the phone

This situation is certainly the memory card is set on the phone password, only the memory card menu into the phone to unlock the password.