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Card Reader Advantages And Disadvantages
Jun 25, 2018


Compared with other methods, using a card reader can achieve a relatively high reading speed, and file access is not limited by the file type. The plug-and-play approach itself is much easier.


In-card readers, in the Windows operating system, will have many empty "removable disks" in the computer, increasing the inconvenience of using them in peacetime. (But now Windows Vista and Windows 7 have solved this problem, that is, inserting a memory card will display its corresponding "removable disk", and the corresponding "removable disk" will disappear when the memory card is removed). External is less of a problem, but it takes up a USB socket.

Card-reader refers to an interface device used for reading and writing a multimedia card as a mobile storage device in a computer. Commercial version readers can read security smart cards. Card readers are usually connected via USB and can access a variety of formats such as CompactFlash and Secure Digital. When the memory card is matched with a proper card reader, it can be used as an ordinary flash disk. In addition, some printers also integrate card readers. Users can easily use the printer to print photos.

Some readers only have access to one memory card, others are multi-card readers. Some memory cards have integrated card reader functions. Users simply plug the memory card into the USB port and the computer can access the data in the memory card in real time.