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Analysis Of Competition Status And Development Trend Of Self-service Vending Machine Industry In 2018
Dec 28, 2018

  At present, about 90% of self-service vending machine management in China is mainly operated by self-service vending machine operators, and the remaining 10% of self-service vending machines are operated by beverage brands or by some users. There are about 10 national operators and 30-40 regional small operators. The national operators mainly include: Youbao, Miyuan, Yinhai Star, Suzhou Lemei, Guangzhou Fuhong and so on. In addition to selling goods, the advertising business is a new profit model that domestic operators are actively exploring.

Market expansion

Judging from the amount of equipment, since 2011, the number of self-service vending machines in China has shown a rapid growth of more than 30%. In 2016, the number of self-service vending machines in China was around 190,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 58.3%. In 2017, the number of self-service vending machines in China reached 275,000. However, in terms of per capita ownership, the number of self-service vending machines per capita in China is still small. In 2017, the number of self-service vending machines per capita in China was 4,500 people/unit. In Japan, where the number of self-service vending machines is the most densely distributed, there is one vending machine for every 25 people. This shows that there is a large room for growth in the number of self-service vending machines in China.

Chart 1: Statistics and Forecast of China's Self-service Vending Machine Stock Growth in 2011-2017 (Unit: 10,000 units, %)

   From the perspective of market space, from 2013 to 2017, the scale of the self-service vending machine market is growing rapidly. In 2017, the market size reached 12 billion yuan, and the forward-looking projections will reach 19 billion yuan in 2018.

Figure 2: Market size of vending machines in 2013-2018 (unit: 100 million yuan, %)

Manufacturer - Dalian Fuji Bingshan is a big one

  At present, there are more than 30 manufacturers in charge of hardware R&D, manufacturing and production in China, and the manufacturers within the Top 10 and the latter manufacturers have already opened a very large distance, which is reflected in many aspects such as capacity, R&D capability and process level. These companies are mainly located in the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and other developed coastal cities.

  Statistics show that Dalian Fuji Iceberg's self-service vending machine market share reached 53%; SANDEN's market share is about 9%, ranking second; Jiangsu Blue Sky Port's market share is 5%, ranking third; other companies The market share is less than 5%. The domestic self-service vending machine production market is mainly occupied by Japanese product brands, and the domestic brands are less competitive and have a lower market share.

Chart 3: Market share of Chinese self-service vending machine manufacturers (unit: %)

Operators - Youbao Group has obvious advantages

  Statistics show that Youbao Group's self-service vending machine market share is 41%, which is the leading enterprise in the industry; Shanghai Miyuan Beverage has a market share of about 19%, ranking second; Guangzhou Fuhong's market share is 15 %, ranked third; other companies have a market share of less than 10%. It is worth noting that the current market share of beverage-operated self-service vending machines has increased, currently around 6%, and there is a trend of continuous improvement in the future.

Chart 4: Market share of Chinese self-service vending machine operators (unit: %)

Industry backgrounds are rich

  At present, in addition to the competition among equipment supplier industry operators, the self-service vending machine industry has increasingly entered the industry. For example, the food industry's wow haha, uniform, etc.; chain industry's Suning, Hongqi chain, etc.; Internet industry Alibaba and Tencent are more or less involved in the self-service vending machine industry. The outsiders are constantly pouring into the industry. The fundamental reason is that the self-service vending machine industry, as the core of new retail, has important strategic significance for the overall layout of new retail, can accelerate the industrial upgrading of traditional industries, and open up new sources of profit. .

  Therefore, in recent years, the self-service vending machine industry has obviously accelerated, and gradually formed a variety of business models for traditional manufacturers and equipment manufacturers to accelerate market expansion, offline exploration of e-commerce giants, innovative models of startup companies, and transformation and upgrading of Shangchao. Traditional equipment manufacturers, operators to strengthen the core technology of research and development equipment, and constantly occupy superior market points; domestic e-commerce giants use intelligent terminal equipment to accelerate the layout of offline, seize more offline traffic, create an online and offline full ecology; The company relies on innovative business model, under the blessing of strong capital, explores new ideas and new models to enhance consumers' shopping experience offline; Shangchao chain enterprises seek transformation and upgrading, integrate industry giant resources, and rely on their own supply chain advantages to participate in offline Traffic contention.

Figure 5: Classification of the self-service vending machine industry

  On the whole, more and more foreign players with rich backgrounds are pouring into this industry. On the one hand, they will inject more fresh blood into the self-service vending machine industry and accelerate the development of the industry; on the other hand, it will also intensify the competition of the industry. . Therefore, the forward-looking view is that in the future, the biggest challenge facing equipment manufacturers and operators in the self-service vending machine industry is likely to be a blow from lay participants.

  The above data sources refer to the “China Self-service Vending Machine Industry Market Forecast and Investment Strategy Planning Analysis Report” issued by Prospective Industry Research Institute.