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Waterproof Bezel Insertion Card Reader•Support read magnetic card, contact IC card and contactless IC card reading and writing
•Modular structure easy to disassemble and maintain machine
•Install fixed mount at front, with high and low two types (option)
•High precision card transmitting channel (molding)

Model Name:TTCE-R500-C


•Support read magnetic card, contact IC card and contactless IC card reading and writing

•Modular structure easy to disassemble and maintain machine

•Install fixed mount at front, with high and low two types (option)

•High precision card transmitting channel (molding)

•Extremely strong card compatibility

•Integrated with multiple function

•Self locking function

•Small size, save the installation space

•Desktop and embed mode 

•Waterproof bezel for outdoor use 


(1)With power indication light and signal indication light.
(2)Smooth card guide devise: ,reliable, precise, steady
(3)Read/write card type:
Contact IC: SLE4442/SLE4428、 AT45041、 AT1604、 AT102、 CPU
SAM、 AT24Cxx(Example: AT24C01A/02/04/08/16/32/64etc.);
Contactless IC card: complywithISO14443TYPEAstandard;
Magcard: ComplywithISO7811standard(read only)
(4)Dual card slot design: Mutual authentication between CPU card and SAM card, to ensure the human, card, device and application system validity of the user.





•Bank self-service terminal 

•Parking lot system

•Automatic vending system

•Gas station self-service terminal

•ID terminals


1)Our products have one year free warranty. Warranty period starts from the date that users receive products.

2)Repairing method is that users send products to our factory for repairing.

3)After the warranty period, our company will still provide after sale service. In case it is involved with replacing parts, our company will charge a certain material cost. But for the below condition even in the warranty our company will charge a certain repairing fee in repairing.

a) Damage or trouble caused by human error after purchase;

b) Damage or trouble caused by operation of unprofessional technician;

c) Damage or trouble caused by unstable outer power or voltage;

d) Trouble and damage caused by force majeure such as earthquake etc.



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