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Insertion IC Card ReaderModel Name:TTCE-R500-A Function •Read and write contact IC card •Modular structure easy to disassemble and maintain machine •Install fixed mount at front, with high and low two types(option) •High precision card transmitting channel (molding) •Extremely strong card compatibility •Integrated with...

Model Name:TTCE-R500-A


•Read and write contact IC card

•Modular structure easy to disassemble and maintain machine

•Install fixed mount at front, with high and low two types(option)

•High precision card transmitting channel (molding)

•Extremely strong card compatibility

•Integrated with multiple function

•Self locking function

•Small size, save the installation space

•Desktop and embed mode 





•Bank self-service terminal 

•Gas station self-service terminal

•ATM/CD、Kiosk terminals


1, Is customization available?

A, Yes, customization is available, we provide OEM and ODM services.

2, How much is the customization cost?

A, The customization cost based on the complexity of the product, modification based on current model also need discussing and evaluating.

3, What is the lead time for customization a model?

A, Customization is modification based on current model will required 2 months usually, but to developing a new model will need 3 months at least.

4, Do you have your own design and development department?

A, We are not only an OEM factory with the workshop, we also have our own brand TTCE with the R&D department and marketing department.


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