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Why Is The WeChat Membership Card Completely Replacing The Physical Membership Card?
Nov 26, 2018

When I started a company in the past, I had to go to a fixed telephone and then buy a fax machine, because many contracts need to be faxed.

Fax machine

But now, the word fax machine is rarely heard.

The fax machines we bought before were already placed in the company's warehouse and covered with dust.

Fax machine

Why is this so?

Because the fax machine is not a thing that keeps pace with the times, if you need the function of the fax machine, you can send the mail directly, and you can replace it with the image attachment.

The same fate as a fax machine, as well as a physical membership card.

In the past, various shops have done a variety of physical membership cards.

The customer's wallet is filled with various membership cards.

But now, all cards can be unified into the phone.

Customers can directly scan the WeChat QR code of each store with their mobile phones, enter the WeChat public account of the store, check their card number, and then make relevant consumption.

wechatQR CODE

In this way, all the cards are loaded into the customer's mobile phone, and the customer's wallet is liberated.

For merchants, there is no need to spend money to make a variety of physical cards, and the cost is greatly reduced.

This change is not only beneficial to the business, but also beneficial to the customer.

This win-win approach is bound to be the general trend.

Just as email replaces fax machines, WeChat membership cards have and will replace physical membership cards in all directions.

This must be the unstoppable wheel of history.