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Why do cards vibrate while entering and ejecting in an ATM machine?
Aug 09, 2018


                               Why do cards vibrate while entering and ejecting in an ATM machine?(

Usually, we will face the situation when we deposit on ATM machine, the card will vibrate.

Never really noticed it but it would have to be the motorized card reader causing it.

On some models there is a security gate that blocks people from entering foreign material into the mechanism. What happens is once you insert a card with a magnetic stripe in the correct fashion, the card reader will read that a magnetic stripe is present. 

The card will butt up against the gate and stop, then the gate will raise out of the way and the card reader will proceed to spin it's internal belts and wheels to pull the card in. 

Sometimes it will spin for a little bit before it actually grabs the card. 

This is what is causing the vibration, so don't worry, it's normal. 

Also when ejecting, the mechanism, which doesn't have belts that go all the way out, will push the card out past the end of the belts into a position for the customer to grab. 

Sometimes the belts will continue to spin until the card is removed and the security gate drops back down. 

Once you remove the card, a sensor detects there is no longer an obstruction and it can tell the card is removed. 

If, on some models, you don't take the card in a preset amount of time, the card reader will retract the card back in and send the card to a capture bin at the rear of the card reader. 


TTCE-M100  is a motorized card reader widely used in ATM machines for IC card, Magnetic card, Contactless card reading writing.