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What is a card dispenser
Dec 19, 2018

What is a car dispenser.

 Here we said CARD DISPENSER is not a name card holder, it's a device integrated into kiosks or self-service terminals to issuing cards at the place where card is used for identity verify, access control or payment.It means a card dispenser is a tool for card issuing, for different types of card issuing the card dispenser will be required card reading functions.

Common Card types 

1,IC Card; 2,Magnetic Card; 3,Contactless Card(RFID card) 4,Barcode printed card

For the vending machine with payment function, most of the credit or debit card are IC ,Magnetic and RFID card 3 in 1 card, the card dispenser used in this kind of kiosks will need to have the card reading function of the 3 kind of cards.

For Library and hotel, most of the cards are RFID card that required the card dispenser with the RFID reading function.

For some barcode gift card issuing,the card dispenser should equip a barcode scanner on the channel for barcode reading.

Shenzhen Tianteng Industry Co.,Ltd(TTCE) as a card issuing solution supplier in the teritory for almost 20 years, the card dispensers can meet most of the requirement in the market.

TTCE-D1801 is a simple card dispensing function module with stable and durable performance for parking lot.

Card Dispenser-D1801

TTCE-K100 is a card dispenser with IC and contactless IC card reading writing,magnetic stripe card reading function.


TTCE-K720 is a card dispenser with RFID card reading.


TTCE-K710 is a card dispenser with Barcode reading.