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Supermarket member management system
Jan 04, 2019

Supermarket member management system

Member Management System (Membership Management System) is a powerful, simple and practical comprehensive management software, including commodity management, user terminal management, credit rules, cardholder management, card account management financial management, statistical reports and other functional modules. , to achieve comprehensive automatic management of the daily operations of many enterprises.


Can be widely used in various scales, all types of catering and entertainment enterprises, hotels, hotels, tea houses, pharmacies, car maintenance centers, car clubs, bathing, bowling alleys, cosmetics stores, karaoke rooms, body centers, Beauty shops, swimming pools, water stations, sporting goods stores, branded clothing stores, tourist attractions, and other industries implement management of industry development that requires membership management and statistical processing of customer consumption. With the goal of scientific, standardized and automated management, through the computer recording and management of each link of the member management process, the work efficiency is improved and the management is optimized. The Dina member management system (members' points management system) summarizes many years of application and practical experience, and with reference to the advantages of a large number of similar software at home and abroad, it has been carefully designed in a truly product-oriented manner, with clear functional modules and elegant interfaces. Easy and fast to operate, and provide comprehensive advice and make

The description is an ideal choice for many companies to manage computer information. Its main functions are as follows:

1, different users can have different permission passwords

A set of software can be shared by multiple users, each with different permissions depending on their responsibilities. For example, the cashier's right is related to the cashier; the manager is mainly to inquire and count the operating income; the finance is mainly to count some reports to facilitate the account; the general manager is the superuser, who has added, modified, and deleted all the contents of the system. permission. Then a system can be divided into several pieces and assigned to different personnel management, which is equivalent to the division of labor and cooperation. If a link is wrong, it is easy to find out which user belongs to the scope of authority, so It has reduced the number of major projects from “one to ten”, and has effectively stopped some of the bad habits of some employees, allowing the company to gradually become systematic and perfect, so that every operator can rest assured that everything in the business premises Size business.

2, support a variety of ways to query

The system can query all the operation records made for each membership card. In addition to viewing the detailed consumption, recharge, and credit details, you can also query the operation logs of all operators, that is, each operator.

All the operations done in the system in the day can be truly reflected. Whether it's an operational error or an intentional error, you can clearly see it, then by looking at the operator log function, all bosses can completely let go of the cashier.

3, can set member birthday reminder

The member's birthday can be prompted before the member's birthday, that is, the member who wants to have a birthday is queried by way of inquiry; the other is the member's birthday on the day of the member's birthday, and the store will be prompted for the day, so that it will be displayed in the member profile window. Whether it is to display in advance or the reminder of the day, it is for the customer to follow the service, send the birthday blessing, and on the birthday, you can come to the store to enjoy the discount or have a gift to let the guests enjoy a warm, close to each other, so that customers The work is more humane.

4, can set member consumption manual reward points

The membership card can be automatically credited, that is, without using the loyalty card, you can also enjoy the consumer reward points, which is very suitable for special points rewards for special members.

5. The member's consumption amount can be divided into two categories: discounted and undiscounted.

Membership cards can enjoy discounts, but not all consumer items can be discounted. Some products can be discounted according to different costs. Some products do not enjoy discounts. This function of the system allows all users to use the membership card. More complete management.

6, can be connected to a variety of hardware devices, such as magnetic card readers, small ticket printers, scanners and other hardware can support a variety of different types of ticket printers

The ticket printer is divided into a pin POS printer and a thermal POS printer, which can be operated in the system regardless of the type.

7, member personal data, historical consumption, points records can be permanently stored in the computer system

As long as you enter the computer's member information and the operator's operation record, it will always be stored in the system, and you can call it whenever you need to use it. Data is safe and reliable, and easy to operate

8, support the cashier to transfer the shift and print the report

For the place where the business is open across the day, we provide the shift function for different shifts, and the sales income report of the shift will be printed every time the shift is completed. This will facilitate the payment between the finance and the cashier. At the same time, the work of the cashiers of each class will be statistically summarized and the responsibility will be passed on to others. In addition, Dinard has a custom development function that can be developed according to your requirements, to achieve the functions you want to maximize your system requirements.

In addition, there are custom development functions that can be developed according to your requirements to achieve the functions you want and to maximize your system requirements.

Member points system management software for the industry:

Hotel, tea house, pharmacy, car beauty center, club club, bathing, bowling alley, cosmetics store, mass-market KTV karaoke room, body center, jewelry hardware store, swimming pool,

Water stations, sporting goods stores, brand clothing stores, general points programs, etc., are implemented in a membership system and need to enhance the members’ high recognition of the corporate brand and the repeated consumption in the same brand.

Consolidate other industries where customers are statistically handling the loyalty of merchants.

Membership card management system to solve the configuration

Member Management System Combination Solution 1: Computer + Handheld Wireless POS Machine + Member Points System Software + Membership Card