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Some misunderstandings about magnetic card readers
Dec 20, 2018

Some misunderstandings about magnetic card readers

In recent years, newspaper news, Internet news has always been reported, the bank card of a certain resident of a certain city is clearly in his pocket, has not been lost, has been in their own wallet, but the amount on the bank card has been stolen. The bank card was stolen and it was the top priority for the people. The bank card is stolen, and it is always suspected as a magnetic card reader that can read the card. In fact, as a regular factory, we will not produce such a card thief. The thief card is made by someone who does not hesitate to try to commit crimes.

The magnetic card reader only reads the data information of the magnetic card one or two tracks by brushing the magnetic card, does not store data, and does not write data. The magnetic card card reader itself is very safe and regular, and does not have any bad effect, and cannot be Criminals use criminals to steal bank cards.

First of all, it is necessary to understand what is a magnetic card. The magnetic stripe card is a PVC card coated with a layer of magnetic particulate material. People need to use the recording head to express certain information when inputting information into the magnetic card, and then store it in the track and read it. When taking it, it is also read by means of the recording head. In fact, the working principle of the magnetic card is like the working principle of the tape of the recorder.


  USB interface, serial port RS232 interface, keyboard port PS2 interface is magnetic card card reader * There are three main interface modes, of which USB interface and serial port RS232 interface use * convenient, * extensive. The following mainly introduces the performance characteristics of the USB interface and the serial port RS232 interface magnetic card reader.

USB interface magnetic card reader supports plug and play, hot swap, customers do not need secondary development, access to the corresponding system can be used directly. The magnetic card supporting the international standard goods organization ISO standard and AAMVA standard does not need to be separately connected to the power supply. The USB interface serves as both communication and power supply, so the USB interface magnetic card reader is very convenient and simple to use.


What is the working principle of the USB interface magnetic card reader? The reading of the data on the magnetic stripe card is directly performed by the magnetic head, and the internal circuit board decoding IC of the card reader is decoded by the F2F hardware, and then the magnetic card data is uploaded through the USB interface IC. USB magnetic card reader adopts USB2.0 transmission technology and has fast transmission speed.

The magnetic card reader of the serial port RS232 interface is the main feature. It can send and receive commands to and from the computer or the industrial control host. It can be programmed, which is relatively complicated. It does not support plug and play. The application industry and scope are also very wide. Now *main Applicable to the in-vehicle system, reading the American driver's license.

In today's era, science and technology are changing with each passing day, and the technological revolution has developed rapidly. Mobile payment, brush face payment has become the mainstream of the times, however, the application of magnetic card reader is still very extensive, it is not only applied in the financial field and medical system, but also through the simple secondary development, but also widely used in membership systems, vehicle systems, etc. Self-service terminal field. As long as there is a magnetic card used, the magnetic card reader will not be eliminated.

The manual swipe magnetic card reader of TTCE with USB interface and RS232 interface are TTCE-RU180 and TTCE-RS180 for 1&2&3 tracks.