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Smart vending machines
Dec 25, 2018


      Similar to the development of traditional mobile phones into smartphones, vending machines have also progressively, though at a much slower pace, evolved into smart vending machines. 

      Smart Vending Machine

      Newer technologies at a lower cost of adoption, such as the large digital touch display, internet connectivity, cameras and various types of sensors, more cost-effective embedded computing power, digital signage, various advanced payment systems, and a wide range of identification technology (NFCRFID, etc) have contributed to this development. 


      These smart vending machines enable a more interactive user experience, and reduce operating costs while improving the efficiency of the vending operations through remote manageability and intelligent back-end analytic. 


      Integrated sensors and cameras also represent a source of such data as customer demographics, purchase trends, and other locality-specific information. 


      It also enables better customer-engagement for the brands through interactive multimedia and social media connectivity. 


     Smart vending machines were #79 by JWT Intelligence on its list of 100 Things to Watch in 2014.


      According to market research by Frost & Sullivan, global shipments of smart vending machines are forecasted to reach around 2 million units by 2018, and further to 3.6 million units by 2020 with penetration rate of 20.3 percent.

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