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RFID Card Readers
Dec 20, 2018

RFID Card Reader is one kind of RFID reader for PVC card with RFID circuit integrated.


To know more of RFID reader,we should know the RFID systems first,

RFID systems can be classified by the type of tag and reader. 

Passive Reader Active Tag (PRAT) system has a passive reader which only receives radio signals from active tags (battery operated, transmit only). The reception range of a PRAT system reader can be adjusted from 1–2,000 feet (0–600 m), allowing flexibility in applications such as asset protection and supervision.

An Active Reader Passive Tag (ARPT) system has an active reader, which transmits interrogator signals and also receives authentication replies from passive tags.

An Active Reader Active Tag (ARAT) system uses active tags awoken with an interrogator signal from the active reader. A variation of this system could also use a Battery-Assisted Passive (BAP) tag which acts like a passive tag but has a small battery to power the tag's return reporting signal.

Fixed readers are set up to create a specific interrogation zone which can be tightly controlled. This allows a highly defined reading area for when tags go in and out of the interrogation zone. Mobile readers may be hand-held or mounted on carts or vehicles.

RFID Card and RFID Card Reader ordinarily belongs to ARPT, and some times,the RFID card reader can be installed on some other devices like card dispenser for card reading and dispensing.

TTCE-K720 and TTCE K750 are two modules for RFID card reading and dispensing.