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Reader Product Category
Jun 25, 2018

Reader is divided into contact readers, contactless readers, single-interface readers and dual-interface readers and multi-card reader contact readers.

Card reader from the interface point of view mainly include: parallel port reader, serial port card reader, USB card reader, Ethernet RJ45 card reader, PCMICA card reader and IEEE 1394 card reader. The first two readers have basically been eliminated due to slow interface speed or inconvenient installation. USB card reader is the most popular card reader on the market. The Ethernet RJ45 card reader has attracted attention due to its remote control via Ethernet. The PCMICA card reader is mainly used in notebook computers. IEEE 1394 card readers are not yet popular due to the support of interfaces, and applications are not yet widely available.

The card reader can be divided into two types from the card reader protocol, one is a 485 card reader and the other is a Wiegand card reader. Wiegand 26 and 34 agreements, these two agreements are conventional agreements.

Card readers can be divided into IC card readers and ID card readers from the type of card reader. IC card readers are non-contact IC card readers and writers. They use a USB interface to realize the connection with a PC. Power supply or keyboard port power, which supports access to all functions of the RF card. The series of equipment used in access control, attendance, meeting attendance, highways, tourism, parking, bus fees, shopping malls, membership systems, and a variety of application system card issuing system.

ID card reader is used to read the ID card, the card reader supports plug and play, can be easily plugged in during use, no external power supply, users do not have to load any drivers, windows system directly as a HID equipment keyboard. After the USB port of the computer is connected to the card reader, the card reader starts a self-test and initialization with a "drip", and then the "drip" is initialized successfully, and the state of waiting for a card is entered.

ID card readers are used in data entry, information search, Internet bar registration, book lending, conference sign-in, access control and other occasions.

The main flash or multimedia card owners in the market are: TF card, SM card, CF card, MicroDrive, MemoryStick, MemoryStick PRO, MMC card, Micro SD Card, MiniSD card, SD and SDHC, and xD card. According to the type of flash memory read, the reader is divided into a single-function card reader and a multi-function card reader. A single-function card reader can generally only read one type of flash memory card. For example, a TF card reader can only read TF card flash memory cards, and an SM card reader can only read SM flash memory cards. The price is lower, generally 10-30 yuan; and multi-function card reader is to eat a variety of flash memory cartoon, whether it is TF card, CF card or MemoryStick can easily read, but the price of these products is a bit higher Depending on the type of flash card read, prices range from 8 to 38 yuan.