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Reader is not only used in the development of medical systems
Jun 25, 2018

Card readers are not only used in the development of medical systems. In other industries such as: self-service terminals, driving school systems, membership systems, etc., can be developed through the second, to play a more self-help and more convenient functions.

The emergence of readers in this market has solved a major problem for the Public Security Bureau. read

The application of card readers to the floating population information collection, traffic checkpoints, train checkpoints, etc., provides a good information platform and technology for the police, and the work is performed more efficiently.

In today's situation, readers have become more and more widely used in various industries, and people's daily lives are gradually inseparable from this second-generation ID card reader. Hospital appointments for real-name visits, registration, and payment are all related to this equipment, especially the hospital's medical system, B-mode ultrasonography, and physical examination systems. They have also begun to introduce second-generation ID card readers, which greatly facilitates patients to go through the relevant procedures in hospitals. .

The introduction of medical devices in medical devices indicates that when citizens visit the hospital, they only need to pass the ID card to complete the relevant registration information. At the same time, the relevant inspection results will be quickly matched with the information and the parties will not appear. Match the wrong phenomenon. In order to better provide citizens with convenient services and improve the efficiency of the hospital, the hospital began to introduce some second-generation ID card readers in the medical equipment sector.