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Reader field of education
Jun 25, 2018

ID card readers have been applied in various fields. As an education industry, universities have gradually begun to introduce ID card readers to meet the needs of the current situation.

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For universities, the registration of ID information can be seen everywhere. Student enrollment information registration, large-scale examination verification, registration formalities

And so on, you need to use an ID card. Many university students, if each student's information is registered manually, it takes a lot of energy and time, often resulting in information errors.

In order to effectively avoid these situations and improve school work efficiency, the school needs to introduce an ID card reader to read the ID information of the students more conveniently.

examination room

As we all know, there are various problems in the examination examination room: the use of fake ID cards and exams have severely damaged the normal order of the examination room and disrupted the fairness and fairness of the examination room. Excessive candidates have checked the identity information of the candidates. Certain deficiencies not only affect the normal examination time, but also cause inconvenience for the staff of the examination room.

Practical application

It only needs to be equipped with an ID card reader at the verification point of the examination room. Before entering the examination room, all candidates need to pass the ID card reader, swipe their own ID card, and check it before entering the examination room.

If the candidate holds a false certificate, or if there is a phenomenon that the witness fails to pass the test, the staff can use this ID card reader to effectively identify the candidate for further authentication. If there is a violation of the discipline of the examination room, the candidates will be disqualified.