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Reader driver issues
Jun 25, 2018

Installation: A separate card reader in the XP system

No additional drivers are needed.

A card reader built into a notebook usually requires a driver. Such as FlashMedia word driver. If there is a driver disk, run the installer inside the driver disk; if it is not the setup driver, right-click the reader device with an exclamation mark or question mark in the device manager, upgrade the driver, and specify the driver path.

Compatibility: The card reader is originally intended for computers that can successfully read and write different storage media, so they are basically not driven. If the card reader is not recognized on the computer, it may be a problem of the computer's USB interface. It can be changed. A USB interface test, if the front USB interface can not be identified, it may be insufficient power supply, you can try to plug in the rear USB interface on the chassis to try.