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Parking Lot Access Control System(Part 1)
Dec 27, 2018

Part 1

Access and revenue control

An Access Control System (ACS) manages the access in and out of a parking facility; the parker must present a valid parking credential. Revenue control involves transient and non-transient parker management and includes payment at the time of parking. Typically it refers to the servers, terminals and kiosks used for payment and gate control in a garage.


A parker who pays for parking on a short term basis, typically daily or less. Transient customers typically pay for the amount of time used versus a set period of time to park (e.g. a month, a semester etc.).


Non-transient parkers are people that use a permit or credential to park on an ongoing basis (e.g., monthly parker). This can be in an access controlled facility or in a surface lot with no gate.

Revenue Control System is a system for managing and auditing the payments of transient and non-transient parkers in a parking lot or – facility.

Access and Revenue Control (ARC), also known as Parking Access and Revenue Control (PARC), is available in verifying levels of functionality and complexity. Access and revenue systems allow parking owners and operators to control access and collect parking revenues from users. Available in varying types of equipment platforms, ARC systems, when combined with policy and procedure, can speed entry and exit from a facility and secure revenues through audit records.