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ID card issuer
Jun 25, 2018

Technical Parameters

Dimensions: 12.2cmX8.8cmX2.3cm

Reading distance: ID card <10cm

Punch speed: <0.2 seconds

Communication interface: RS232

External power supply: 6V

Working environment: temperature-10-50

Transmission rate: 19200BPS

Main purpose: Directly read ID card physical card number through 232 bus without manual operation

Output format: USB

Product Features

The encryption algorithm is used between the reader and the RF card, the card and the device are verified in both directions, and the communication error is automatically detected.

Anti-collision, can handle multiple cards at the same time.

Has a complete reader card operation. Provide a complete dynamic library, convenient for secondary development, can be widely used in book lending, conference signing, computer room charges, highway tolls and other occasions.