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E-book reader advantages
Jun 25, 2018

1, easy to carry, the volume is generally smaller than the book, the weight is also much lighter, very easy to carry.

2, large capacity, early e-book reader only 8M, 32M of memory, can put limited books, most e-book readers in addition to the machine's internal storage space, can be external expansion card, such as SD card, CF Cards, MMC cards, and some can also be an external U disk. Depending on the support capacity, it can store 100 to tens of thousands of e-books. It can be said to be an e-book reader, which is a small mobile library! !

3, professional, e-book readers and mobile phones, PSP and other products are different, e-book reader is more professional, in addition to a simple reading, but also supports the font enlargement and reduction, do the same as the paper book mark, make bookmarks, handwritten notes , long standby and other more professional features. Then use the E-INK screen e-book to read, charge a power, generally can read about 7,000 pages, a book by 2000 count, charge once can see 3-4 books.

4, support for multiple formats, e-book readers from the initial support of pure TXT format and manufacturer's format, to support most of the book formats, such as TXT, JPG, BMP, HTML, PDF, DOC, EPUB, DJVU, CHM, etc. , and even some e-book readers can also support RAR, ZIP, PPT and other formats.