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Commonly used card readers
Jun 25, 2018

USB type TF card reader

Support USB1.0 and USB2.0 ports, plug and play, the largest market share and practicality, is the largest product on the market. The main advantage is that the SD Configurator can be used to read TF cards with a leapfrog development, which is mainly economical and practical.

Sim card reader

Is a more common reader, you can backup the sim card information in the pc side, sim card contact card and other functions, is a good tool for backing up personal data.

CRW-X type non-contact type

Supports ISO14443 TypeA/TypeB contactless CPU card and Mifare one card, built-in two SAM small IC cards conforming to ISO7816-3, supports multiple communication interfaces and communication protocols, and is applicable to various non-contact IC card application systems. It has novel appearance, stable performance, powerful functions, abundant interfaces, and strong extensibility.

CRW-VI type external universal IC card reader is a micro IC card reading and writing equipment, mainly for portable applications. According to the way of interface with the computer, it is divided into USB interface (CRW-VIu type) and serial interface (CRW-VIs type), which is suitable for a variety of application systems and application environments. We can also develop dedicated IC card readers for specific needs based on the needs of users.

The CRW-V series IC card reader/writer is connected to a computer or laptop through a USB port or a serial port. It supports the operation of a CPU card and a MEMORY card, and provides a dual card reader with two card holder options. The CRW-V series IC card reader is compatible with the CRW-II/III/IV readers' interface function library, facilitating the user's application system upgrade. Can be widely used in banking, insurance, corporate fees and medical billing systems.

WatchCore is a smart IC card dedicated interface chip developed for the convenience of users to develop embedded IC card applications. It has built-in IC card reader reader operating procedures. It is applicable to all kinds of dedicated embedded IC device development, mainly applicable to smart ICs. Card power meter, water meter, gas meter, fiscal cash register, IC card refueling machine and other equipment.

That is, I often use it for automatic charging system (AFC), ID

Identification systems, product certification systems, card management systems, and meter retail systems.