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Bank multifunctional self-service card issuing system requirements
Jun 25, 2018

Bank multi-function self-service card issuing machine core host running requirements:

The host has low power consumption, good heat dissipation, and high processing speed.

Anti-virus features ensure a safe system working environment.

Users can easily expand the system.

Distress from the reset to ensure the normal operation of the system.

With the progress of the times and the development of science and technology, banks have continuously adopted high-tech technologies to improve the safety and convenience of financial services. Following the non-card withdrawal and non-card consumption, the Bank's multi-functional self-service card issuance machine has made the financial industry's electronic and paperless process a step forward. The bank's multifunctional self-service card issuing machine supports the identification of first- and second-generation ID cards, supports account opening and issuance, enables self-service opening of accounts on self-service devices, and the device inherits the functions of traditional bank self-service equipment. Such as query balance, inquiry details, transfer, change password, various intermediate services, etc.