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Bank multifunctional self-service card issuing machine features
Jun 25, 2018

One and two generation ID cards support

The system also supports generation ID card and second-generation ID card recognition, and can handle card opening services for most customers. The system can support ID card opening and also supports passbook opening.

full functioning

The system provides card-opening, card-replacing and card-changing functions as well as providing all non-cash functions of the bank self-service terminal, which can replace traditional bank self-service terminals.

Humanized design, easy to use

The size of the device is fully used considering the ergonomic principles and is friendly to operation. For example, the customer inserts the card and sends the card to be the same interface, facilitates the customer operation.

Easy to install

The design of the equipment takes full account of the conditions of the lobby and the wall. The equipment can be used directly in the lobby. After the metal frame is installed, it can be installed through the wall. The system can choose whether to open the front door or open the back door according to the customer's needs.

High safety

Data transmission is encrypted through the DES keyboard, which can effectively prevent illegal data intrusion and interception.


Drivers and static data support real-time download, front desk maintenance-free; can dynamically add display information content, background information maintenance.

Good scalability

The new transaction or transaction process can be configured to add new functions and start new services without any difficulty. The software plug-in function is provided. New or upgraded device driver modules can be added to the system without recompilation.

Friendly interface

The interface is more intuitive and easy to use. Voice prompts are fluent and the tone is natural. Customers use it more smoothly. The back-end provides a friendly management and maintenance interface. System maintenance personnel and administrators can easily perform routine maintenance.

High operating efficiency

Use high-speed and high-efficiency scheduling cores to support large-throughput concurrent transactions and provide intelligent scheduling of transactions.