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Application of RFID
Dec 19, 2018


RFID application scenario

1 Transportation field

In some developed countries such as Europe and the United States, toll stations usually have both semi-automatic toll lanes and non-stop toll lanes, and there are almost no toll stations with only single toll lanes.

For a long time to come, semi-automatic charging methods, especially magnetic card (IC card) charging methods, will continue to exist for a long time and play an important role. Of course, when the national highway toll collection is realized in the future, electronic parking without parking is the best choice.

2 Medical field

Such as Xinghua RFID drug delivery and security system

Under the general environment, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, which has always been in the leading position in comprehensive medical strength, has taken the lead in promoting special drug management and has cooperated with Xinghua. The RFID drug delivery and safety solutions provided by Xinghua successfully supported the official launch of the drug information system of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, and truly established an information network management mode in terms of special drug delivery, drug safety and inventory management.

3 Logistics

The logistics system is generally divided into four parts: warehousing, inventory management, delivery, and transportation. However, the RFID logistics system uses RFID tags as the basis of the logistics system. The embedding of RFID tags in the production process is particularly critical. Embedding in the production chain is a very critical first step in the RFID logistics system.

After the introduction of RFID tags, the other four links of the logistics system can be closely linked by RFID tags. At every stage, RFID systems play a powerful role in making the logistics of these items more efficient, accurate and safe.

The RFID tag used in the RFID logistics system has a long service life, large reading distance, high encryption, large storage capacity and storage of changeable data. The information provided in the logistics system is richer and more direct, realizing automatic control of logistics and many items. Target recognition and recognition of moving targets. With the establishment of RFID, the logistics system will effectively improve the efficiency and accuracy of the logistics system.

4 Security protection field

Application of RFID technology in the field of access control systems

With the continuous improvement of living standards, cars began to enter the family in large numbers. With the rapid increase in the number of cars in China's cities, the management of vehicles has become a problem. The core issue of effective vehicle management is how to identify the vehicle.

The access control system of radio frequency identification technology applies RFID technology to the management of access control, which can effectively realize the rapid and reliable identification of vehicles, and realize the high-efficiency and intelligentization of access control management in security.

There are other application scenarios that are not covered here!