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  • Top 3 Hotel Industry Trends Coming In 2018
    Top 3 Hotel Industry Trends Coming In 2018
  • Why do cards vibrate while entering and ejecting in an ATM machine?
    Why do cards vibrate while entering and ejecting in an ATM machine?
  • E-book reader advantages
    easy to carry, the volume is generally smaller than the book, the weight is also much lighter, very easy to carry.
  • Electronic Paper Reader
    An e-paper based e-book reader (e.g., upper right) is a very lightweight tablet reader, equivalent to a thin paperback book, capable of storing approximately 200 electronic books. books. It has the characteristics of light weight, large capacity, long battery life, large screen, etc.
  • Reader driver issues
    Installation: A separate card reader in the XP system
    No additional drivers are needed.
    A card reader built into a notebook usually requires a driver. Such as FlashMedia word driver. If there is a driver disk, run the installer inside the driver disk; if it is not the setup driver, right-click the reader device with an exclamation mark or question mark in the device manager, upgrade the driver, and specify the driver path.
  • Commonly used card readers
    Support USB1.0 and USB2.0 ports, plug and play, the largest market share and practicality, is the largest product on the market. The main advantage is that the SD Configurator can be used to read TF cards with a leapfrog development, which is mainly economical and practical.
  • Reader field of education
    ID card readers have been applied in various fields. As an education industry, universities have gradually begun to introduce ID card readers to meet the needs of the current situation.
  • Reader is not only used in the development of medical systems
    Card readers are not only used in the development of medical systems. In other industries such as: self-service terminals, driving school systems, membership systems, etc., can be developed through the second, to play a more self-help and more convenient functions.
  • Bank multifunctional self-service card issuing system requirements
    The host has low power consumption, good heat dissipation, and high processing speed.
    Anti-virus features ensure a safe system working environment.
  • Bank multifunctional self-service card issuing machine features
    The system also supports generation ID card and second-generation ID card recognition, and can handle card opening services for most customers. The system can support ID card opening and also supports passbook opening.
  • RFID card issuer
    RFID card reader can read, write, authorize, format and other operations. It has the advantages of multi-protocol compatibility, small size, fast read speed, multi-tag reading, etc. It can be widely used in various RFID systems.
  • ID card issuer
    Technical Parameters
    Dimensions: 12.2cmX8.8cmX2.3cm
    Reading distance: ID card <10cm
    Punch speed: <0.2 seconds
  • Reader Product Category
    Reader is divided into contact readers, contactless readers, single-interface readers and dual-interface readers and multi-card reader contact readers.