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UL Certificate Card Dispenser with Card Reading/writingFunction
Multi-function Card dispenser
Magnetic card reading, contact and contactless IC card reading/writing SIM card encryption

Model Name:TTCE-K100-B



·Multi-function Card dispenser

Magnetic card reading, contact and contactless IC card reading/writing

SIM card encryption



Support multiple cards – Magnetic card reading, RFID card reading and writing

Extendable card hopper - Max loading 300pcs (card thickness 0.76mm).

Card adjustment rotator-Support thickness 0.2-2.0mm

Patent No. : 200620148190.2-Six optional card thickness adjustment.

Smart alert status - Support card empty, dispensing trouble alert.

Error card box - For error card collecting (25pcs) and can be hollowed to collect more.

Super card dispensing ability -Special card rubbing wheel structure and abrasion resistant rubber material ensures dispensing card successfully at one time. 

UL certificate -This model get UL certificate compliance.



·Parking lot management system

·Bank self-service opening account and issuing card

·Park ticket vending system

·Card initialization issue and sort

·Subway or public transportation card issue


1pcs in an inner box, 2pcs in a carton

Box size: 410*275*175MM

Carton size: 420*290*390MM


By sea, by air depend on customer’s requirement.

No special request from buyer, we always ship by air with express delivery of

DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, etc.

And the designated carrier of buyer is allowed.


Small amount, Full payment after order confirmed before production.

Large amount, 30% or 50% after document, 70% or 50% before shipment.

For long-term good relationship customers, full payment before shipment is available


1)When opening host machine or cabinet to repair, power connected with card dispenser must be shut off to avoid damage machine.

2)Be careful of the difference of power positive and negative in the first power-on.

3)Notice the jumping line explanation in the first use. Wrong jumping line may cause machine unable to work or uncertain status.

4)Forbid hot-plugging connecting socket in the port. Hot-plugging is easy to damage control circuit.

5)Keep card dispenser clean, no oil. Greasy binder may damage the performance of card dispenser greatly.


1)Our products have one year free warranty. Warranty period starts from the date that users receive products.

2)Repairing method is that users send products to our factory for repairing.

3)After the warranty period, our company will still provide after sale service. In case it is involved with replacing parts, our company will charge a certain material cost. But for the below condition even in the warranty our company will charge a certain repairing fee in repairing.

a) Damage or trouble caused by human error after purchase;

b) Damage or trouble caused by operation of unprofessional technician;

c) Damage or trouble caused by unstable outer power or voltage;

d) Trouble and damage caused by force majeure such as earthquake etc.



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