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Paper Card Dispenser For Routing Guide KioskPaper card dispenser for routing guide kiosk Model Name:TTCE-D2606-S Function Support multiple type, multiple specific paper ticket, scenic spot travelling guide,

Paper card dispenser for routing guide kiosk


Model NameTTCE-D2606-S



Support multiple type, multiple specific paper ticket, scenic spot travelling guide,

Routing guide paper issuing at size 102-202mm L * 100mm W * 0.26mm H.



·Industrial level design, surface finished with corrosive and abrasion resistant paint

·Extremely strong card dispensing ability to ensure card integrity

·Special model for 0.26mm paper card and envelope, also can customized



.Routing guide paper issuing kiosks


1pcs in an inner box, 2pcs in a carton

           Box size: 410*275*175MM

Carton size: 420*290*390MM


Routing guide paper issuing kiosks machine

Routing guide papers are used in some places for travelers and strangers to the place, like airport, scenic spots, that people can take the routing guide paper to guide there travelling.

With the rapid developing of the self-service technology, avoid waste and saving cost, a interactive kiosk for people who is in need of the routing guide in the places is necessary.

The management of the airport or scenic spots just needs to put the guiding papers in the kiosks, and when the people just need to touch on the kiosks to get the guiding papers for there travelling.

In the kiosk machine, TTCE-D2606-S with its strong structure and stable functions, is widely used to issuing this kind of paper card at size 4 inch, 6 inch or 8 inch.

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