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Motorized Post Card Dispensing MachineMotorized post card dispensing machine Support multiple type, multiple specific paper ticket, scratch lottery ticket, scenic spot ticket, post and postal card at size 102-202mm L * 100mm W * 0.26mm H

Motorized post card dispensing machine


Model Name:TTCE-D2606-S



Support multiple type, multiple specific paper ticket, scratch lottery ticket, scenic spot ticket, post and postal card at size 102-202mm L * 100mm W * 0.26mm H



·Industrial level design, surface finished with corrosive and abrasion resistant paint

·Extremely strong card dispensing ability to ensure card integrity

·Smart alert status, support ticket empty, card dispensing trouble alert etc. 

·Support 0.15mm-0.3mm paper cardalso can customized



.Lottery ticket automatic vending system 

.scenic spot ticket vending system

.Post card vending system


1pcs in an inner box, 2pcs in a carton

           Box size: 410*275*175MM

Carton size: 420*290*390MM


What is the difference between postal card and post card ?

Until the middle of the 19th century, people around the world mailed messages to each other via the privacy of sealed letters. The direct ancestor of the picture postcard seems to be the envelopes printed with pictures on them. The envelopes were often printed with pictures of comics, valentines, New Years and Christmas.

The early mass-printed postcards had no pictures on them. They were designed to carry a stamp and the “mail to” address on one side. The other side was used for the sender’s message.

  Times past, the postal cards with imprinted stamp came to commercialized with picture printed without stamp, the people can choose the cards with the pictures they like and paste a stamp on the cards instead of the postal card, this cards called post card.

TTCE-D2606-S is a card dispensing module which integrated in a post card vending kiosks can dispense the post card out automatically.

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