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RFID Gift Card Kiosks Card Dispensing ComponentRFID gift Card kiosks card dispensing component Gift Card Kiosk Use RFID gift card dispensing RFID gift card reading and writing


RFID card dispenser for gift card kiosks



1,IC/RFID Card read & write

2,With cards pre-empty detection

3 Removable stacker with basement hollowed option

4,Best stability in card dispensing

5, CE ROHS certificates.



·Gift card kiosks


1)When opening host machine or cabinet to repair, power connected with card dispenser must be shut off to avoid damage machine.

2)Be careful of the difference of power positive and negative in the first power-on.

3)Notice the jumping line explanation in the first use. Wrong jumping line may cause machine unable to work or uncertain status. 

RFID Gift card kiosks Card Dispenser

Gift card is very popular in some developed countries like Europe and USA, there are plenty of self service gift card kiosks in some public places and super mart, for the people who want to buy gift cards as gift or for shopping payment will be glad to buy the gift cards on this kind of self service machine .

The RFID card dispenser TTCE-K720 will be one of the best modules for RFID gift cards dispensing in the gift card kiosks to fulfill the function in these places.



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