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Motorized Card Dispenser For Unattended HotelMotorized card dispenser for unattended hotel Card circulated issuing –Circulated card dispensing and collecting without human intervention



Motorized card dispenser for unattended hotel



.RFID card issuing- Can read and write ISO15693 &ISO14443 RFID card

.Card hopper capacity optional 50pcs(standard)and 100pcs optional(thickness 0.76mm)


.Error card box - For error card collecting (25pcs) for optional 

.Optional-the box can be removed and the basement hollowed.

Trash Box optional

*Card circulated issuing Circulated card dispensing and collecting without human intervention


Certifications:  Reach 181, ROHS


·Unattended Hotel Self check in/out kiosks

Customers check-in at the hotel kiosks, it will eject a room card for register, when check-out, customers just need to put the card into the gate of the hotel kiosks to finish the treatment. 



Special function description

Circulatory card dispensing. 

The external cards insert from the gate and callback to the card hopper automatically for a second time issuing.


With the increasing of the labor cost, in many territories, a lot of simple work will be done by machines or intelligent equipments, as well as the hotel industry, a self-service hotel kiosk will take the job for customers check in and check out.

Nowadays, many hotels still need people to do the job, but in some hotels, the self check kiosks set at the front desk, day by day, after the hotel self-service system getting perfect, the unattended hotel will be more and more in future.



1)When opening host machine or cabinet to repair, power connected with card dispenser must be shut off to avoid damage machine.

2)Be careful of the difference of power positive and negative in the first power-on.

3)Notice the jumping line explanation in the first use. Wrong jumping line may cause machine unable to work or uncertain status.

4)Forbid hot-plugging connecting socket in the port. Hot-plugging is easy to damage control circuit.

5)Keep card dispenser clean, no oil. Greasy binder may damage the performance of card dispenser greatly.

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