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Hospital Self-service Kiosk Card Dispensing MachineHospital self-service Kiosk card dispensing machine

Hospital self-service Kiosk card dispensing machine


Model NameTTCE-K100-B



RFID card decoding and encoding, magnetic card decoding, card issuing.



  • Support normal using cards in the market.

  • Expandable card loading box, quantity 150-300pcs (thickness 0.76mm).

  • Different Card thickness between 0.2-2.0mm is available with the adjustable channel space.

  • Card status and dispensing problem alert and alarm

  • Error card recycle box when facing problem card.

  • One interface can control 16 sets of equipment help reduce cost.

  • Special card rubbing wheel structure and abrasion resistant rubber material ensures dispensing card successful rate. 

  • TTCE-K100 got the UL certificate compliance for United States market.



·Parking lot management system

·Card initialization issue and sort

·Hospital self service kiosks


 Small amount, Full payment after order confirmed before production.

         Large amount, 30% or 50% after document, 70% or 50% before shipment.

         For long-term good relationship customers, full payment before shipment is available


With the Hospital self-service kiosks, the hospital is becoming more and more Intelligent.

Nowadays, most of the hospitals have their own membership card, so there located multiple function self-service kiosks at the hall of the hospital to issue membership card.

Reserve to see the doctor, patients can go to the consulting desk or through the reserve kiosk, even by the mobile phone to do it online.

After the doctor finishes the prescription, patients can use the multiple function self-service machine to make the payment with bank card, membership card, or mobile payment, then the kiosk will print a receipt for patients.

If the patients have made examination, like blood examine, when the result come out, the patient can use the receipt at the report printing kiosks and scan the receipt to get the paper report.

The kiosks save the time of patients and doctors, improve the work efficiency of the hospital, with the whole computerized business, the management of the hospital is digitized and systematized gradually.

With the Hospital self-service kiosks, the hospital is becoming more and more intelligent.

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