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Hotel Kiosks Card DispenserRFID reading- Support RFID card reading
Extendable card hopper – Standard 50pcs card for thickness 0.76mm can be extended.
Smart alert status- Support card empty, dispensing trouble alert.

Model Name: TTCE-K750



Card dispensing, support RFID card reading and writing with card circulated issuing.



.RFID reading- Support RFID card reading

.Extendable card hopper – Standard 50pcs card for thickness 0.76mm can be extended.

.Smart alert status- Support card empty, dispensing trouble alert.

.Capturing box -Small error card box, support 25pcs (0.76mm thickness) card loading

.Super card dispensing ability -Special card rubbing wheel structure and abrasion resistant rubber material ensures dispensing card successfully at one time. 

.Error card box-For error card collecting and can be hollowed.  

*Card circulated issuing –Dispensing cards and callback for re-issuing constantly and circularly.


Certifications:  Reach 181, ROHS


·Parking lot management system

·Subway or public transportation card issue

·Hotel Self check in/out kiosks

Quality policy:

1, For incoming material, there are 3-5 QEs to make spot check based on the check ratio rules.

2, During the production, full inspection always necessary for half completed products and the completed products.

3, Before package, there are QC team to do times of tests to keep the products quality fine before shipment.

4, We have our own test department, there are always daily testing for all the new developed models and current mature models, to improve the performance of our machines.

5, We are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificated company.


1)When opening host machine or cabinet to repair, power connected with card dispenser must be shut off to avoid damage machine.

2)Be careful of the difference of power positive and negative in the first power-on.

3)Notice the jumping line explanation in the first use. Wrong jumping line may cause machine unable to work or uncertain status.

4)Forbid hot-plugging connecting socket in the port. Hot-plugging is easy to damage control circuit.

5)Keep card dispenser clean, no oil. Greasy binder may damage the performance of card dispenser greatly.


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