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Supermarket Barcode Membership Card DispenserSupermarket or Chian retail stores' Barcode membership Card dispenser



Supermarket Barcode membership Card dispenser



Card dispenser with barcode scanner for barcode reading



1,Ultra high success rate of barcode reading with Honeywell barcode scanner

2,Extendable card hopper for more cards issuing requirement.

3,Adjustable channel structure applicable for card thickness at 0.2-2.0mm

4,Smart alarm when card empty and facing dispensing trouble.

5,Impact structure and open channel 



·Shopping Mall barcode gift card issuing.

·Automatic vending system

·Supermarket barcode membership card issuing

.Barcode card vending Kiosks


1)When opening host machine or cabinet to repair, power connected with card dispenser must be shut off to avoid damage machine.

2)Be careful of the difference of power positive and negative in the first power-on.

3)Notice the jumping line explanation in the first use. Wrong jumping line may cause machine unable to work or uncertain status.

4)Forbid hot-plugging connecting socket in the port. Hot-plugging is easy to damage control circuit.

5)Keep card dispenser clean, no oil. Greasy binder may damage the performance of card dispenser greatly.

6)There is a red hand-operated soft reset button at the rear down position of card dispenser body side. Field operator can adjust by hand when there is error or abnormal condition in the field operation. In normal condition please do not use it.

7)Resetting button can be used to sort cards in stacker and reclaim cards


8)Resetting button has overtime protection. Hold and press the button, motor will stop operating automatically to protect motor.


Supermarket barcode membership card Issuing kiosk

Talking about supermarket, always reminded are Wal-mart, COSTCO, ALDI, TESCO, etc.

These supermarkets are giants in the retail industry in local market even super giant in the world, like Wal-mart, they serve people hundreds and thousands everyday in each store, these people live near these supermarket will go to buy what they want every day for life.

To improve their sales and build a firm relationship with the local people, the supermarket always provides a membership card for the resident.

The membership card loaded with the information of the people who want the card, record the transaction information every time and give discount or VIP price, and other promotion discounts.

Most of the membership card provided by chain stores or supermarket, then at the front counter or the entrance and exit, there is a membership card issuing kiosk for customers to register and get their own membership cards, but in some stores, the membership cards are sold artificially.

For checking out, the cashier handing with a scanner to scan the products and the membership card to finish the discount and sales, that mean the membership card always is a barcode card easy to read and manage.  

The model TTCE-K710 can be used in the kiosks to help issuing barcode membership cards for supermarket.


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